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Whole Fitness Training's BootCamp is not the typical fitness bootcamp; it is more about compassion and helping you to overcome the obstacles to living a healthy lifestyle.

Whole Fitness Training bootcamp instructor understands how hard it is to lose weight or just get healthy.  There are many distractions in our lives, with junk food, sweets or just being to busy with daily activities.  Take time out for yourself and take the bootcamp class.  It will make a difference in how you feel within days.  You will also be proud of what you can do, because you will have thought you could never do a bootcamp class.  The idea of bootcamp, reminds of a military bootcamp instructor.  Whole Fitness Training creates an environment of comradery where everyone wants everyone to succeed and feel  better.  Bootcampers leave feeling good about themselves.  Yes, there are a lot of laughs; you may feel, doing a frog jump or bear crawl is funny and yes it is funny, strange but you are doing more than you realize.

All you need to bring is your self, yoga mat, towel and water.  Extra water is provided and equipment for the class is provided. 

No Contract Required. Pay in advance for as many classes you want and save $5.00 per class or drop-in $15.00.  If you travel and have a hectic schedule, choose how you want to attend.  The best part is, you have 2 additional weeks to take the classes you pay for.

Boot Camp for Beginners meets on Tuesday & Thursday evenings @ 6:30 PM - at Trailside Park, 20375 Claiborne Parkway, Ashburn VA.RSVP

 Fees are as follows:  If you are not sure of your schedule and want to drop-in on Monday or Thursday nights, the cost is $15.00 and pay each at each class. 

Best Option is to purchase a block of classes, pay $10.00 per class and have 2 additional weeks to take the classes.  For example, purchase 4 classes, you will have 6 weeks to take the 4 classes or 8 classes and have 10 weeks to take them.

Bring a friend and that friend joins and pays for Whole Fitness Training Boot Camp classes (more than 3 classes), you receive a free class.  First class you take is complimentary, so it could be 2 free classes - a savings of $20.00.   The best $20.00 you saved for your health. 

Pay here for BootCamp Class via PayPal:

# of BootCamp Classes

Or send an email to: BootCamp@wholefitnesstraining.com


20375 Claiborne Parkway, Ashburn VA  - Bootcamp Class Location

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